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Your Spring Coil Mattress Can Disturb A Compass Reading!

You may think that a compass should not be altered by a mere mattress. Think again! In this video, author Steven Magee proves that an ordinary spring coil mattress can change the direction of a compass detecting the earth's magnetic field. 
This result raises questions about the safety of spring coil mattresses. These mattresses cause electromagnetic disturbances which may affect our bodies and our health.
This experiment tests out whether a spring coil mattress can affect a compass reading. Remember, the coils in a spring coil can interact with magnetic fields. If the mattress is causing magnetic field disturbances, then it will affect a compass reading.
In this video, Steven Magee takes an ordinary compass which points to magnetic north. Surprisingly, when the compass is moved close to a spring coil mattress, the mattress causes the compass reading to change significantly!  Clearly, the mattress is creating a magnetic field disturbance. 
This occurs because the bed is filled with coils, which induce a magnetic field. This 'artificial' magnetic field is what the compass is detecting, instead of detecting the earth's natural magnetic field.
What this means for viewers
The metal in your spring coil mattress is causing magnetic field disturbances. It's not a good idea to sleep in an altered magnetic field. This is because disturbances in the natural magnetic field have been linked to health problems, especially in the electrical industry, for example near power lines.
If you're concerned about natural health, it's best to avoid mattresses which contain metal. A latex mattress would completely alleviate these issues, since it does not contain any metal parts. As an added bonus, you'll also find latex to be wonderfully comfortable!  Sleep with ease of body and mind with a latex mattress.
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