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The Production Process Of European Bedding Latex Mattresses

Find out how EB latex mattresses are manufactured in the factory. Basically it involves several steps and processes;
  1. collection of sap from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) plantation
  2. the sap collected is then mixed into latex formulation at the fully automated factory
  3. very tiny air bubbles are added into the latex formulation
  4. the latex formulation is then added into mould
  5. the mould is baked at high temperature to form solid latex core
  6. the latex core is then removed from the mould
  7. the latex core is thoroughly washed to remove any residue
  8. the latex core is transported for drying
  9. after drying, each latex core is sent for quality inspection - visual, hardness and density test
  10. once tested, the final latex core is packed and sent to warehouse for distribution
  11. the new latex core reaches customer home
To find out more detailed information about the latex mattress production process, and with the help of step-by-step graphic, you can read the article 'How Latex Mattresses Are Made'.
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