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Latex Mattresses - Natural Unique Features

European Bedding latex mattresses are tested for durability, elasticity, support and breathability. 
  • Naturally Durable - Long lasting mattresses.
  • Naturally Elastic - No partner disturbance. Independent cell structure of latex prevents partner disturbance.
  • Naturally Supportive - Conform to your body and provide optimal progressive support for your body.
  • Naturally Breathable - Provide superb ventilation. Moisture resistant due to ventilating molecule structure. It dries quickly. Latex cells are open cells.
Our latex mattresses and slatted bed bases are made of high quality premium materials. We are not afraid to test our products, or have them tested by independent testing labs. European Bedding products are certified by: 
  • GOLS
  • Morton Thiokol
  • Oeko-Tex CLASS I
  • LGA
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