Zombies To Cheeries. A Good Sleep System Can Transform Your Life

Have you ever wondered why you are not feeling recharged even after eight hours of sleep? Do you suffer from back pain and feeling even more discomfort when you sleep longer? It could be your mattress or sleep system that is affecting your night, and therefore daily life. 
Everybody knows that poor sleeping habits are linked to health issues. A good night rest will keep us healthy: physically, emotionally and mentally! It is of utmost importance that your mattress enables you to re-energize for the next day. So make sure you make the right choice.
When your mattress is too firm or too soft, your body will experience uneven pressure distribution causing discomfort and even numbness to your limbs. 
Choose The Right Mattress Firmness For Proper Back Support
Unlike other mattresses, European Bedding offers a unique, 7-zoned, 100% pure latex mattress, with each zone having custom firmness to conform to your body shape, contour and weight. Furthermore, our mattresses are NATURALLY anti-allergic, anti-mould and anti-dust mite. The removable cover can be easily unzipped and dry-cleaned to get rid of all germs and bacteria.
European Bedding 7-Zone Latex Mattress
European Bedding 7-Zone Latex Mattress Provide Proper Spinal Alignment And Optimal Body Support
Combined with our ergonomic adjustable slatted bed base, which can be customized to your personal needs and preferences, our sleep system keeps your spine in its natural position, so that your body fully recuperates during the night. 
Slatted Bed Base Firm Feel
Adjusted For Firmer Feel
Slatted Bed Base Soft Feel
Adjusted For Softer Feel
Say goodbye to back pain, and start every day refreshed and full of energy.
Take advantage of the 100-day in-home trial. There’s nothing to lose, just great nights to gain and cheery days to enjoy.
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