• Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
  • Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base

Slatted Bed Base Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base

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Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base

$11,200.00 $18,500.00
Good for your back and the environment! Made of eco-friendly beech wood from Europe, this Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base consists of curved slats, that can be used as a standalone or dropped into an existing bed frame. The shoulder zone comes with softer suspension and the lumbar zone comes with adjustable sliders for personalised support.
Slatted Bed Base

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King 180x200
  • King 180x200
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  • Single 90x200
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Main Features

For the best sleeping comfort, this bed base is made of horizontal slats which have a slight upward curve for natural springiness.

  • 13 pairs of flexible second generation PVC holders
  • High quality slats and frame made of FSC beech wood
  • Adjustable slats in the lumbar zone for personalised firmness and comfort
  • Softer firmness on the shoulder zone for better comfort
  • 4 (circular) wooden corner legs
  • 2 joining legs, adjustable in height (available for Queen and King sizes)
  • Can be used as a standalone or dropped into a bed frame
Materials & Certifications

This ergonomic bedframe is made of FSC-certified beech wood. It consists of curved slats which are connected individually on both ends with flexible holders. The shoulder zone comes with softer suspension and the lumbar zone comes with adjustable sliders for personalised support. 

Our ergonomic bed base is certified by a renowned German Research Institute, which tests and certifies that our slatted bed base is an ergonomic product and has good back support.


5 Year Warranty. Guaranteed on all material and manufacturing defects.

Complete your natural sleep system with this ergonomic bed base - designed to work in synergy with your body and mattress for the best support and stability all night.

Ergonomic support

The flexible slats work in synergy with your mattress to achieve adequate depth by allowing your mattress to follow the shape of your body more closely. Their spring-like nature allows them to respond to and facilitate your body movements rather than hinder them. The shoulder zone is designed with softer suspension and the lumbar zone comes with adjustable sliders for personalised back support.

Increased air ventilation

Body movement on the mattress encourages movement of the slats, which forces air circulation through the pincore holes in the latex. This ventilates the entire mattress and has a cooling effect. Serving as an elevated base, the slats also create space between the mattress and the frame, which allows your mattress to stay well-ventilated and dehumidified, utlimately reducing the chances of mould and prolonging the mattress lifespan.

Use as a standalone or a drop-in

This bed base can be used as a stand-alone with 4 base legs or mounted on top of a bed frame to upgrade your existing bed frame for natural springiness and unparalleled comfort.


Together, we’re paving way for a new era in the sleep industry!

You can rest assured when you buy a bedding product from us, you are investing in a better life - not just for yourself, but also for our society and the environment. Aside from making luxuriously comfortable bedding, we take it upon ourselves to give back to our community. With your continuous support, we are planting 12,000 trees in the rainforests of Borneo, supporting underprivileged children with educational resources and providing job opportunities for the local community.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives

Common questions

Is the Heveya® Slatted Bed Base sustainable?

Yes! Our bed bases are the first range of slatted bed bases that are made entirely from sustainable beech wood. They are both FSC and PEFC-certified - these international certifications certify that ALL wood in the final consumer product is produced from sustainbly managed forests. A bonus, our bed bases can be easily recycled and reused!

What are the benefits of a slatted bed base?

A slatted bed base encourages optimal ventilation from the surrounding air through your mattress. This promotes a cooling sleep environment as well as an anti-mould sleep system. Slats also help your body contour even more into the mattress, this results in a more rejuvenating slumber.

Why does the Heveya® Slatted Bed Base have adjustable slats?

Each body is unique! Slats are easily adjustable with sliding features that let you customise the support level for your body's core region. Whether your body requires more support or less - simply slide your slats for results you can feel.

Can I lay my Heveya® Slatted Bed Base on the floor?

Our Heveya® Slatted Bed Base works its magic when it is a distance away from the floor. This is why we include wooden legs to act as a bedframe with each purchase of the Heveya® Slatted Bed Base. If you choose not to use our wooden legs, the Heveya® Slatted Bed Base may be installed into an existing bedframe (as long as it fits)!


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$7,500.00 $10,500.00
Ergonomic Slatted Bed Base
King 180x200
$11,200.00 $18,500.00
Slatted Bed Base


180cm x 200cm

180cm x 190cm


150cm x 200cm

150cm x 190cm


90cm x 200cm

90cm x 190cm

Headboard Dimension


186cm x 73cm x 5cm


166cm x 73cm x 5cm


96cm x 73cm x 5cm

Motorised Slatted Bed Frame


180cm x 200cm x 96cm (H)


150cm x 200cm x 96cm (H)


90cm x 200cm x 96cm (H)

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