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Heveya® is celebrating World Sleep Month all March and got something special in store for you at TANGS Orchard!

Sleep with Heveya®

Introducing The Heveya® Sleeping Pods

From 4th March to 31st March, you would see our luxurious wooden houses at the corner of Level 3.

Exhausted at work? Ditch the coffee this March and experience the Heveya® power nap! We have created the calmest and most peaceful atmosphere where you can hide away from the hustle and bustle of this city for a quick snooze. You can have our sleeping pods all to yourself or you’re more than welcome to make a reservation with your significant other.

Book a 45-minute nap with us and recharge yourselves!

For the ultimate Heveya® experience, your nap will be aided by our most-loved King size natural organic latex mattresses, featuring dual-firmnesses; half medium and half firm! If you’re booking with us to nap with a partner, it is the perfect opportunity to test which firmness fits both of your personal needs!

We have gone above and beyond to create just the right ambience for you; our luscious bedding, soothing music and relaxing essential oils, right at your fingertips!

Heveya® Sleeping Pods

Take a pick from two of our pods, now available for booking:

    Experience natural sleep on Heveya®'s most luxurious and comfortable mattress, the Heveya® III, placed on a beautiful solid teak bed frame, with our hypoallergenic organic latex pillows and the duvet of your choice in French Linen or Bamboo Lyocell. To set the right ambience, turn on soothing music made available by Bang & Olufsen and diffuse the relaxing fragrance of our Heveya® Sleep Blend essential oil.
  • Sleeping Pod 2
    In this pod, you get to experience utmost comfort and relaxation with the Heveya® II mattress, our hypoallergenic pillows and a motorised ergonomic bed frame. For a complete experience, take a pick on your preferred duvet in French Linen or Bamboo Lyocell, turn on soothing music made available by Bang & Olufsen and diffuse the relaxing fragrance of Heveya® Sleep Blend essential oil.

    No purchase required to try this sleeping experience with Heveya®. All you need to do is book an appointment with us to reserve your sleeping pod & nap away!


    Receive a complimentary goodie bag (worth S$96) consisting of our bamboo eye mask, a pillow spray and a voucher for the first 60 bookings.

    We’re so excited to have you and hope you have the best experience!