Top 3 factors to consider before mattress shopping in Hong Kong

Mattress Shopping! We’ve all been there: you’re looking for a mattress, completely clueless on which one to go for. You head on to Google to search for the best one, but that only leaves you even more confused: such an abundance of choices available! Not fun, is it? We got you, please allow us to assist in identifying the top 3 factors to consider when it comes to mattress buying in Hong Kong!

1. What is the price range of mattresses in Hong Kong? 

Though the price may not always reflect the quality, you may want to know if your mattress costs reasonably. If you happen to purchase a satisfying mattress with a common price tag, then congratulations to you, you may have just discovered a mattress brand that you could stick with for years to come!

But if it is the complete opposite, you may just put it up on your mattress blacklist. We understand that there are countless mattress labels in Hong Kong and your time is precious. We have, therefore, done the research for you:

Under HK$5,000. It may seem impossible to find a mattress cheaper than $5,000 in Hong Kong, but they do exist. However, and almost needless to say, mattresses under HK$5,000 are usually made with synthetic and lower quality materials.

They may feel comfortable at first, but you may end up needing to buy a new mattress again pretty soon. They are way less durable and offer very little lower back support and contouring – both crucial to a happy and healthy sleep. However, if you are looking for a thin mattress for a bunk bed, a baby or a toddler, you could find some decent ones within this price range in Hong Kong. 

Between HK$5,000 - 15,000. This is a wide range and also the most common price range of a mattress in Hong Kong. Given how common it is, you can basically find mattresses with all levels of quality and materials – from memory foam, innersprings to higher quality synthetic materials such as blended latex.

Remember, do not make your mind up solely because a mattress comes with a decent price tag. Pay close attention to the materials used to make the mattress you are planning to purchase – some materials are far more durable than others. For instance, a mattress made with memory foam has a shorter life span than a mattress made of high-quality natural latex.

Over HK $15,000. If you are looking or a mattress that is going to last you a good 10-15 or sometimes even up to 20 years, you should definitely target mattresses that fall within this price range. Yes, we did mention that price does not always reflect the quality.

However, within this range, you are looking at premium mattresses that are certified, meaning not only are they made with the best materials, their quality and durability is also guaranteed. The highest quality mattress material available in the market comes in the form of 100% natural organic latex - which is exactly why mattresses made from this material usually fall in the expensive range.

Pro tip: If a natural latex is the mattress of your choice, do keep in mind the difference between a ‘natural latex’ and a ‘100% natural organic latex’. It happens very often in the industry that brands claim to be selling natural latex but the material used in reality is synthetic latex mix - which is far from natural.

Moreover, the term “latex mattress” is vaguely used by some mattress brands to refer to spring and foam mattresses. The reality in such instances is that the mattress is entirely made of spring or foam with only a latex topper of 2-5 cm - it is not a full latex mattress, contrary to the claim! Make sure to look at the certifications from the brands you are purchasing from to ensure that the mattress is indeed 100% natural latex as claimed.

Read more on the type of mattresses commonly used in the industry: Mattress Buying Guide Hong Kong

2. Should you buy a mattress online or in store?

In-store. People in Hong Kong usually prefer purchasing mattresses in a brick-and-mortar store. Doing physical shopping is beneficial since you can touch and feel the product, which is of utmost importance, especially for bedding. You spend approximately one-third of your every day on your mattress with almost no separation from your skin, it is most understandable that you want to experience the product precisely before making the purchase.

Moreover, when you have any questions regarding the mattress in store, someone would get you covered. Yes, the well-trained salespeople. While online customer service does exist, oftentimes their replies are preset and cold, and you seldom get what you want. An actual salesperson is better at handling your enquiry personally and carefully.

Online. Online shopping has been a trend in recent years. You can buy everything online, even a mattress! Though there are myriad advantages of purchasing a mattress in-store, buying a mattress online also has its unique features. 

The most salient pull factor would be the time-barrier free. Although testing out the mattress in-store is great, doing it with a drained body after working hours would make the experience inaccurate. This would always result in purchasing the wrong mattress that destroys your night.

Buying a mattress online allows you to have access to all kinds of mattresses anytime. Feel free to take as much time as you like to go through every detail. Then you may ask: what about the testing out part? Make sure to check if the online store you are hoping to purchase from offers a free at-home trial with a hassle free return policy - keep in mind the returning fees!

3. Can the brand be trusted?

Warranties. You deserve the assurance - the mattress that you invested so much of your money and time in is of the best quality and significantly durable! Mattress warranties are a promise given from brands to the customers - in case of any manufacturing defects and material flaws, we got you covered to replace or repair your mattress. It is essential, however, to completely understand your mattress warranty, particularly, what conditions are covered and the voids that require your consideration. 

What is usually covered in a mattress warranty is the sagging of the mattress and manufacturing defects. Although sagging is expected after prolonged wear and tear, it is a sign of concern when you spot excessive sagging during the first two years of your purchase. Here at Heveya®, we guarantee that our mattresses comply with the European Eco-label Standard for latex mattresses - what this standard determines is that a mattress core should not lose more than 15% height and not more than 20% of its firmness, measured according to test method EN1957. If you notice your Heveya® mattress losing firmness in the first year - please reach out to us and get that replacement! We got you covered.

While mattress warranties are known to cover physical defects, do keep in mind the type of defects that are deemed acceptable. For instance, if you notice discoloration, scuffs or scratches as a result of washing or moving your mattress around, your warranty does not have you covered - which is why it is important for you to pay close attention to the care and cleaning instructions given by your mattress provider.

Customer Reviews. Make smart buying decisions - reading customer reviews is the perfect way to learn if the mattress you are hoping to purchase is a good investment. Before purchasing, research and analyze carefully whether the business offers: credibility, expertise and excellent customer service.

Look for social proof - pay close attention to what previous customers have to say about the brand. It happens pretty often that the product advertised online is far different from the product you actually buy and receive - if you do decide to purchase your mattress without visiting the physical store, reviews from previous customers can offer great insights into the credibility of the business.

Now that we know how the past customers feel about the products - the final step is to observe how the brand is engaging with their customers. It is extremely important to look for businesses that are willing to go that extra mile with their services - ideally, they are open to questions and easily accessible by offering various methods of communication. It is understandable that a mattress is no ordinary purchase and you may have tons of questions - you need someone who is willing to answer them for you with their expertise!


Here at Heveya®, we strive to deliver the best experience to all of our customers. If you would like to stay comfortably at home and purchase our mattress, sure! Simply go to our website and pick your desired mattress. No worries if you encounter any issues while trying to make a purchase, look for the Whatsapp logo at the bottom right corner and leave us a message. We are always here to solve your doubts and perfect your buying experience. Psst, click here to find our showroom!

If you believe, however, shopping for a mattress online is just not for you, come to our showroom! Feel free to stop by our sleep studio located in Ap Lei Chau,Horizon Plaza, and our team will be able to advise what combination will work best for you. You can also get hold of more of our products at the showroom - from bed frames to our bedding accessories.

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