Heveya® Ergonomic Bed Frames

Complete your natural sleep system with our Ergonomic bed frames - designed to work in synergy with your body and mattress for the best support and stability all night long. Made of eco-friendly beech wood from Europe and ergonomically certified, these frames are a great pick for your back and the environment.

  • Adjustable Slats
  • Ergonomic Base
  • Slatted Air flow
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Ergonomic support & unsurpassed comfort

The flexible slats work in synergy with your mattress to achieve adequate depth by allowing your mattress to follow the shape of your body more closely. Their spring-like nature allows them to respond to and facilitate your body movements rather than hindering them. The shoulder zone is designed with softer suspension and the lumbar zone comes with adjustable sliders for personalised back support.

Discover your dream bedroom

Shop the look with our most-sought after bedroom essentials, all made from sustainable materials and uniquely Heveya®.