• Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
  • Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II

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Natural & Sustainable

100-day Free Trial

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Natural & Sustainable

Latex Mattress Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II

13 Reviews

Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II

The perfectly-balanced progressive support your body needs! Heveya®'s signature dual-layer latex system is designed to offer you unsurpassed support with a gentle give, leaving you with pure-lasting comfort.
Latex Mattress
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Latex Mattress
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Main Features

The Heveya® II is focused on providing the perfect balance between support and comfort for your back.

  • Comprising of two layers of latex cores in different densities for a progressive support.
  • 7-zone body support for perfect spinal alignment.
  • Resilient and long lasting support
  • Breathable material for a comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria and mould
  • Removable mattress cover for easy cleaning.
  • Mattress thickness: 24cm
  • Firmness levels: Firm, Medium & Soft. Dual firmness possible within a Queen and King Size mattress.
  • Available in EU, UK, AP, and HK mattress sizes. Custom Size available. Contact us for more information.
  • Our service includes 100-nights free trial, free delivery and removal of old mattress.
Materials & Certifications

The core of this Heveya® mattress is made of 100% natural latex harvested from a certified organic latex plantation. The mattress cover is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fibre textiles and is filled with natural organic cotton filling making it soft and luxurious.

Our mattresses are made of high-quality premium materials and have achieved international certificates through our suppliers.


All Heveya® mattresses are covered under a 10-year warranty. For full details, check out our FAQs.

Get ready for the best sleep ever! Naturally breathable and responsive, Heveya® is the best all-natural mattress that Mother Nature can give.

Natural materials for healthier sleep & pure-lasting comfort

Our commitment to quality and the environment ensures that all our mattresses are made solely from pure natural latex, devoid of any synthetic or blended materials, neither do we use shortcuts like ceramic powder or chalk that compromise mattress longevity and comfort. We take pride in collaborating with organic or FSC certified suppliers and in pioneering cooperations with agro-forestry plantations, raising the bar for sustainable rubber farming. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with metal-free construction, safeguarding you from electromagnetic radiation. Sleep peaceful, knowing you're resting on a truly safe and luxurious Heveya® mattress.

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Compare with other materials

The quintessential sleep support system

For superior comfort and excellent body support, this Heveya® mattress is made with two different firmness layers. The top layer is slightly softer for comfort at first touch and the bottom layer is firmer to provide better back support as you settle deeper into your sleep.

Organic latex is an eco-conscious, highly durable material that offers the right balance between comfort and support. It is elastic and responsive, allowing it to facilitate sleeper's movement and perfectly align the spine, regardless of sleeping posture. All-point elasticity, a key feature of latex, also ensures equal pressure distribution to prevent painful pressure points and improve healthy blood circulation.

Breathable and Hypoallergenic

Heveya® latex has an open cell structure that allows air circulation which far exceeds synthetic, blended, or petroleum-based polyurethane foams. Our latex cores also feature ventilation holes which do wonders for a cooler and comfortable night's sleep.

Our organic latex core is naturally dust mite and mould resistant, making it a top choice for those with allergies. But Heveya® does not stop at just that. Our mattresses also come with a fully removable and cleanable cover to ensure fresh and hygienic rest.

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To your comfort, in any size

Customisation to any size is possible. We make mattresses to any size, and are confident in finding the right sleeping system for every sleeper. Latex foam is very flexible and can be cut into different shapes as requested. 

Dual firmness available for selected mattress sizes. No more compromises on sleep comfort when you sleep with a partner. If one person wants a firmer mattress and the other wants a softer mattress, you can have it all enclosed within a single king-size or queen-size mattress cover. With different firmness levels to choose from, you are sure to find the mattress which fits your body perfectly!

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For your perfect sleeping experience, this Heveya® mattress sports a multi-layer design which provides personalised comfort and support.


Comfort Layer

Your spine is not naturally flat like a plank. To achieve comfortable rest and proper spinal alignment, this inner latex contours to natural curves and arches of the body. This topper is traditionally softer than the core layer so that the body can sink in and feel comforted.


Support Layer

The bulk of the support lies within this latex core. Featuring Heveya®'s signature zoning configuration, this latex core has 7 comfort zones which conform to different parts of the body for maximum body support and comfort.


Removable Cover

All Heveya® mattresses are enclosed with a bamboo cover with organic cotton padding. The cover can be unzipped and removed for cleaning, offering the most hygienic sleeping environment. This cover also allows you to have a look at the inside of our mattress and inspect our quality. We have nothing to hide, only use the highest quality materials, and welcome you to have a look inside!

Our Service


Together, we’re paving way for a new era in the sleep industry!

You can rest assured when you buy a bedding product from us, you are investing in a better life - not just for yourself, but also for our society and the environment. Aside from making luxuriously comfortable bedding, we take it upon ourselves to give back to our community. With your continuous support, we are planting 12,000 trees in the rainforests of Borneo, supporting underprivileged children with educational resources and providing job opportunities for the local community.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives

Common questions

Is latex hot to sleep on?

There is a common misconception that sleeping on a latex mattress feels hot. This is because so many people confuse latex with memory foam. In comparison to a memory foam mattress, one should not feel warm while sleeping on a latex mattress.

Owing to its open-cell foam structure, a latex mattress actually allows air to circulate much better than many other types of mattresses, allowing for a cool comfortable sleep. In addition, a latex mattress is punctuated by pinholes set at regular intervals, offering even further airflow.

However, even if your mattress itself has the best airflow in the world, you will only feel cool if your mattress cover allows proper ventilation. There is no point in enclosing a latex mattress in an airtight cover: you would lose all the benefits of the mattress ventilation. Luckily for Heveya mattresses, our breathable bamboo cover is great for air and moisture regulation.

How do I maintain my latex mattress?

If you want your mattress to last longer, follow this helpful guide on mattress care.

- Give your mattress a good support by using a sturdy bed frame with adequate center support that will prevent bowing or breakage.

- Rotate your mattress every six months. This ensures that a person sleeps on different parts of the mattress to even out the pressure. You can also flip-over the mattress and sleep on the other side once a while to extend the lifespan of the mattress.

- Let your mattress breathe. Ventilate your room every day. We recommend using a slatted bed base as a support, rather than a full plank or box spring to facilitate breathability.

- Do not expose the mattress core to UV or sun or daylight! UV rays can cause the latex to deteriorate across time.

How do I choose the right mattress?

The best mattress for you will depend on many factors - some of which are your overall size, weight, and sleeping posture. A common belief is that a firmer mattress is good for your back, but that is not always the case! Feel free to test out our mattresses in person and our sleep experts would be more than happy to give in person recommendations!

What is the 100-day free trial?

Not sure if the firmness you choose is right for you? No worries. This trial allows you to experience the comfort of our latex mattress in the comforts of your own home for 100 days from the date of delivery. During this trial period, should you discover that the mattress you purchased is too firm or too soft, you can request a change of the mattress core free-of-charge. We are confident that we can help you find the right sleeping solution!

This 100-day trial does not apply to customised mattresses and does not include bed frames nor bedding accessories.

What is your warranty policy?

We have a 10-year warranty policy. As a guarantee for the durability of our mattresses, we adopt the directive of European Commission 2009/598/EC. This directive determines that after 10 years, the loss of mattress height should be less than 15% and the loss of firmness less than 20%.

Click here for more details on our warranty policy.

What is your return policy?

In the unlikely event we cannot help you find find the right sleeping solution, we will collect back the mattress and a refund of your purchase price minus a fee (to cover our third-party transport costs), will be given. To be entitled to an exchange or refund, the mattress must not be found dirty, marked, damaged or abused when inspected by the Heveya® staff. After the inspection, a bank transfer will be processed.


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Vivian L.
Indonesia Indonesia

You won't regret it!

Both mom and I got a mattress each from Heveya, together with pillows and bedbase. We had the best purchasing and user experience with Heveya. The Heveya team is extremely professional, friendly, meticulous and responsible. Suman helped us pick the mattress and answered our questions patiently, even if I had many questions as I wanted to customise the height of the bed base. She followed up where was needed, and made sure the delivery was smooth and suited our schedule. I was particularly impressed when she also followed up to see how we were doing with the new mattresses, it was a very considerate gesture. The delivery team led by Hadi was very efficient, polite and knowledgeable about the product, he was very careful when delivering the beds/mattresses and made sure everything was clean before he left. Want to say a big thank you to the team at Heveya and will highly recommend anyone who wants to get a mattress, you won't regret it!


Exemplary service and product

The service we received with Heveya has been exemplary. I am very appreciative of their care and concern in ensuring we selected the correct mattress and bed frame for our purposes. It was important to us that the mattress did not contain harmful chemicals and was also extremely comfortable. A rare find! I must also say how impressed I am with the ergonomic slatted bed frame. It really enhances the comfort of the mattress. Finally I would also highly recommend the bamboo bedding. It is extremely soft and silky and dries quickly (very useful in humid Hong Kong) and also requires little to no ironing. Could not recommend Heveya more highly!

bon b.
Indonesia Indonesia

No more backache.

I bought a Heveya latex mattress for my daughter a year ago. I chose Heveya because their mattresses are made of 100% organic natural latex. My daughter said the mattress was very comfortable and no more backache. If I will buy a latex mattress for myself or for my family, I will choose Heveya again! Also their staff, Olivier and Suman are really helpful and nice! It was a really good shopping experience!

Jo W.

it’s truly worth the price �

I’ve been searching for a natural and environmental mattress. I visited their showroom and ordered for one firm Single 190x90x24cm Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress II. Thanks for their staff, Suman’s professional advice and assistance in placing the order for me. I loved the mattress so much as it fits my back and it’s so comfortable that I have good sleep every night now The mattress is highly recommended though the price is a bit higher, it’s truly worth the price �

Meike M.

highly recommended

Fantastic service and communication via WhatsApp (my preferred way of communication). We love our new mattress, super comfortable and we like the fact that it’s good for people with allergies, especially as we have small kids. The bamboo sheets are highly recommended too!

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With an additional luxurious plush latex topper, this mattress is the key to superior cloud-like slumber.

Heveya® Natural Organic Latex Mattress II
Super King 200x200, Soft