Reclining Adjustable Bed For The Ultimate Comfort And Relaxation

It is perhaps the ultimate luxury to never have to leave your bed.
Our motorised adjustable slatted bed base makes this dream a luxurious reality. 
With a press of a button, the whisper-quiet motor converts the most comfortable bed into a fully adjustable recliner, with adjustable positions at 3 different sections. For anyone who wishes their bed could be more than just a place to sleep, there isn’t a more perfect solution.
Reclinable motorised bed
Here’s why this is the ultimate upgrade for your bed:
Not just for the hospital
When thinking of a reclinable bed, a hospital ward may quickly come to mind. Indeed, being able to sit up comfortably is crucial if you’re limited to staying in bed all day. But there’s no reason why this feature can’t be a staple in our bedrooms, too!
Sit comfortably without propping up pillows
Whether it’s to enjoy a book or a movie, or to rest after a hearty meal, sitting up in bed usually involves awkwardly fluffing and propping up pillows behind us. Even after all that adjusting, it’s rarely comfortable to sit for more than a few minutes. The motorised bed base instead turns the heavenly Heveya mattress into the perfect recliner adjustable to any angle - no pillow rearrangement required!
Great for tired feet
After a long day on the move, fluid tends to collect in our lower blood vessels, causing our legs to swell. This leads to numbness, aches and fatigue. Elevating our legs when lying down is a great way to allow the stagnant blood to flow naturally back to the heart, and bring relief to weary feet. 
Adjustable motorised slatted bed base
Adjustable firmness
The bed base consists of flexible beechwood slats which respond to the body’s natural contours and balance out spinal pressure. The bed's firmness can be fine-tuned via movable sliders along the slats, which adjust the amount of flex in the lower-back area. For a King or Queen size, both halves are adjusted independently - creating the ultimate bed (that meets the needs of)/for both you and your partner.
Having experienced the luxurious comfort of a fully adjustable bed, it's impossible to look back. We spend a third of our lives in bed - why not make it the perfect one?
A version of this article first appeared on the European Bedding Singapore website.
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