What is the most comfortable bed possible?

The perfect bed for you may not be exactly right for someone else, and vice versa: everyone is different. It’s difficult to find a perfect fit off the shelf. So: What if you could personalize almost every aspect of your bed? The good news is that you can - without a huge price tag.
People with musculoskeletal ailments prefer latex mattresses because it promotes proper spinal alignment. In turn, latex bedding manufacturers have responded to demand from this somewhat pickier sub-section of the population by making highly customisable options available in all areas of their products. Everyone, not just those who suffer from musculoskeletal problems, should be able to benefit from the best possible night's sleep.
What elements can be customized in a sleeping system?
1. Bed base
Let's start from the ground up with the bed base. Your bed base should be adjustable in its level of springiness, yet this feature is almost impossible to find in mainstream bedding shops. The good news is that at Okooko by European Bedding you will find sprung slatted bed bases, all of which are adjustable.
How does this work, you may be wondering? A sprung slatted base is a bed base where the mattress is supported by slats instead of a single flat surface. The slats allow for proper airflow underneath the mattress: very important for breathability and proper dryness especially during the monsoon season. But there is more, the slats are all attached within holders on the base and act as springs. They arch very slightly upward and outward. These sprung slats, as the name implies, have the effect of making the bed base springy. This is important both in terms of adding extra comfort for you and also in terms of the resiliency of the base: it helps the base 'take the strain' of your mattress without any sagging.
Adjustable slatted bed base
You may be wondering where the adjustability comes in. The level of firmness of the individual slats in the lumbar zone can be adjusted as you wish, for a truly personalized fit. This is the ultimate level of personalization in a bed base.
Not only does a sprung slatted base help you right now, it can also continue to help you in the future. How? For example, perhaps as you get older you may prefer different configuration of the lumbar zone slats to maintain optimum comfort. No problem - you can change that whenever you want. Temporary changes work equally well. Suppose you are sick with a bad cold and your body is feeling very achy: you can offer a little relief to your body ache by setting the lumbar zone slats to a softer level. After you recover from your cold, you can simply set the slats back again to how they were before.
If you are already happy with the look of your existing bed base but you want the added springiness of slats, you can get that too! All of the sprung slatted bases at Okooko by European Bedding are specifically designed to be used either self-supporting on their own or as a drop-in to an existing bed frame.
And if you sleep with a partner, you'll each want to set your own lumbar region slats differently. Again, no problem: this is easily possible with the queen size and king sized bed bases at Okooko by European Bedding. Each side of the bed frame has its very own set of adjustable slats so that his side and her side can be adjusted separately according to individual preference.
2. Custom mattress size
Your mattress size should also be customizable, yet sadly, so few manufacturers allow this. At Okooko by European Bedding, a custom mattress can be made to any dimensions you wish.
Why is it important to be able to customise your mattress size? Because if you have a custom size bed frame, then you will want a custom mattress to fit. There is no need to buy a whole new bed when you can get a mattress made to match your bed. Indeed, many expatriates come to Hong Kong with their own bedding in specific sizes.
For anyone who is tall in stature, you may very well prefer to get a custom made longer length mattress so that you can sleep comfortably and securely. The key here is this: if you do not have ample 'free space', you will not have a good quality of sleep. A custom mattress size can go a long way to improving your night-time sleep and therefore your daytime well-being.
3. Levels of firmness which can be customized beyond the standard
Most types of mattresses come in two or three different levels of firmness (e.g. soft, medium and firm). However, a truly customizable sleep system should offer additional ways of customizing your firmness level above and beyond that, to make sure it’s truly the right firmness for you. Let's find out what the possibilities are:
Different firmness levels on different sides of the bed
If you sleep with a partner, you may each have very different ideas of how soft or firm the mattress should be. This individual preference is very important and goes even beyond short-term comfort: the wrong level of firmness can actually lead to improper spinal alignment. This can cause poor sleep quality, and aches and pains upon waking.
Remember, each person in the couple is their own individual with their own preferences. So you owe it to your partner - and yourself - to make sure you each get to choose your own level of firmness on your side of the bed.
Personalised firmness for couples
At Okooko by European Bedding Hong Kong, this can be achieved quite easily. You can each pick your desired level of mattress firmness. A king size latex mattress can be arranged which is made of two single mattress cores of different firmness levels, enclosed in one king size mattress cover. His side and her side of the mattress are therefore different.
Multiple-layer latex mattresses
In addition to single-layer latex mattresses, there are also some latex manufacturers who make mattresses with two layers or more. Okooko by European Bedding stocks three kinds: single-layer, two-layer, and triple layer. A two-layer mattress offers a firm base layer for support and a softer, less dense upper layer for comfort and pressure relief. A third soft layer can be added for that extra plush feel.
The densities of each layer come in a choice of three specially-calibrated configurations. The subtlety added by the extra layers can be a great option and is very much worth trying out. This can be especially true if you feel you fit somewhere between firmness levels in a single-layer mattress.
Multi-zone back support
What is multi-zone back support? This is when the levels of firmness within the mattress are varied at specific zones to give extra support or extra softness where each is needed. For example, the shoulder area of the mattress is made to be softer (to allow 'sinking in') while the hip region is firmer to give strong support and prevent sagging. Our Heveya latex mattresses feature a 7-zone back support. This results in excellent pressure distribution and proper spinal alignment, which are crucial to the long term health of your spine.
It is clear that the most customisable sleep system possible is a latex bedding system, offering many options above and beyond those available at mainstream stores. You can find all the options we’ve mentioned at Okooko by European Bedding.
With our sleep system, you can select an adjustable sprung slatted bed base and adjust its slats just for you. You can pick your own custom mattress size of any dimensions. And the options for the levels of mattress firmness go beyond the ordinary pre-set levels. You can decide between a single layer or multiple layers; you can even have a different level of firmness on different sides of a king size bed.
You can get this level of customisation and service from us. Imagine how good it would feel to sleep on a sleep system configured exactly for your body. If you could put together your own bed from the ground up, which options would you pick?
A version of this article first appeared on the European Bedding Singapore website.
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