The Underrated Upgrade For Your Bed - Adjustable Slatted Bed Base

If you're looking at buying a new mattress, give a little thought into the surface you’re putting it on! Are you planning on using an old base under your mattress? This might work if you have a good base, but an old, saggy base will not be fixed by a new mattress. A good base will make a good mattress better, while a bad base will make even the best mattress uncomfortable.
Manufacturers and consumers are realizing that a mattress and bed base both affect each other. A good mattress on a good base will feel amazingly comfortable and will last longer. The same mattress on a poor quality base will neither feel as good nor last as long.
The key here is that you cannot think of your mattress in isolation. Instead, it’s best to think of your bed as a sleep system containing a mattress and a base. Don’t fall into the trap of replacing your mattress regularly but sticking with your old bed base. In fact, if you seem to be constantly on the search for the “perfect” mattress that you can’t quite find, consider whether the issue is really the mattress, or your bed base.
For the best sleeping comfort with unsurpassed quality, we offer our organic latex mattress with an adjustable slatted bed base as the ultimate sleeping system.
Adjustable slatted bed base
What is an adjustable slatted bed base?
Our adjustable bed base is made of horizontal wooden slats which have a slight upward curve for natural springiness. The slats are made of beech and are embedded in the frame.
Ergonomically designed, the slats can be adjusted according to your preference, providing your desired level of support and comfort. Besides giving stable support to your spine, sprung slatted bases also give ventilation to your mattress. This is particularly useful to keep moisture away from the underside of your bed.
Here are the main benefits of our adjustable sprung slatted bed base:
  • Ultimate comfort and back support: The slats adapt to weight exerted on them, providing you with the right amount of support. Indeed, many with back pain or other musculoskeletal issues find this combination of mattress and base to be the most ideal for them.
  • Adjustable comfort: The slats have an easily adjustable system for precision control over the firmness of your bed. For larger beds, the two sides of the bed base can be calibrated independently, offering a fully customisable sleep setup for you and your partner.
  • Excellent pressure distribution: The natural flexibility of the bed base allows you to sink in more at the areas where you need to, like at the shoulder. This keeps the pressure off and the blood circulation going.
  • Great ventilation: Slatted bases allow air to pass freely beneath your bed, keeping your mattress fresh and fungus-free. This is an important advantage, especially for latex mattresses, allowing air to pass through the pinholes and keeping your latex mattress comfortably cool.
  • Sleep natural: Our bed base uses only 100% natural and beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests.
In Hong Kong, the most common bed base is a divan bed, a mattress on a piece of plank. This kind of bed base doesn’t give any added value to the sleeper, and actively hinders the ventilation to your mattress. Rigid slats are also commonly used, but they add nothing to the comfort of your mattress. Flexible bed base systems are a superior sleep option because the slats’ flexibility complements the mattress in areas where it’s needed, offering unparalleled comfort for you.
Divan Base Fixed Slats Adjustable Sprung Slats
Air circulation
Our adjustable bed base can be used as a stand-alone frame, or as a drop-in bed base if you want to keep the look of your existing frame. For a sleep experience on a whole new level, pair your bed base with our latex mattress.
Latex Mattress And Adjustable Slatted Bed Base Combination
An adjustable bed base is the ideal companion for your new latex mattress
Since comfort is what you're looking for in a mattress, why shortchange yourself by ignoring your base? By choosing our complete sleep system, you’ll reap additional benefits beyond just comfort, like excellent support support for your back, good air circulation through your mattress, and precision control over the feel of your bed. Your good night’s rest is well worth it.
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