How To Choose The Right Mattress Size In Hong Kong

Size matters
Are your feet dangling off your mattress? Do you feel restricted with the space that you sleep on? Do you feel your sleep is of lower quality when you sleep with a partner? Please read on, because you probably need a bigger bed!
Did you know that common mattress sizes are different all over the world? A king-size might mean a very different mattress in Hong Kong, Europe or Australia. Listed below are common mattress dimensions in several countries.
What are some common mattress sizes?

Mattress sizes in Hong Kong

 Size Inches Metric
Single 36 x 72 in
36 x 75 in
36 x 78 in
90 x 183 cm
90 x 190 cm
90 x 198 cm
Large Single 42 x 72 in
42 x 75 in
107 x 183 cm
107 x 190 cm
Double 48 x 72 in
48 x 75 in
122 x 183 cm
122 x 190 cm
Full Double 54 x 72 in
54 x 75 in
137 x 183 cm
137 x 190 cm
Queen 59 x 72 in
60 x 75 in
59 x 78 in
63 x 78 in
150 x 183 cm
152 x 190 cm
150 x 200 cm
160 x 200 cm
King 72 x 75 in
72 x 78 in
183 x 190 cm
183 x 200 cm
Super King 78 x 78 in 200 x 200 cm


Other international sizes

 European Sizes American Sizes Australian Sizes
King: 180 x 200 cm King: 193 x 203 cm King: 183 x 203 cm
Queen: 160 x 200 cm Cal King: 183 x 213 cm Queen: 152 x 203 cm
Double: 140 x 200 cm Queen: 168 x 203 cm Double: 137 x 191 cm
Single: 90 x 200 cm Full: 137 x 191 cm Single: 90 x 191 cm
Twin XL: 99 x 203 cm
Twin: 99 x 191 cm
What size should I get?
Comfort is not just about firmness. When we sleep, we move about 40 to 60 times per night. Therefore, to sleep comfortably, it is important to choose a mattress size that allows you to move freely during the night.
Our advice:
Choosing The Right Mattress Size
For comfortable sleep, your entire body should stay within the boundaries of the mattress. A mattress that is too short makes your feet hang over the end – which is definitely not comfortable. We recommend that your mattress should be 30 cm longer than your body length. For example, if your height is 1.7 meters, then the ideal mattress length is 2 meters.

When you were a kid, you slept in a smaller bed. When you grow up, you should sleep in a bigger bed! To move about comfortably from side-to-side, we recommend that your mattress width should be at least 90 cm. Narrower than this, you will feel restricted and unable to relax when you sleep.
When sleeping with a partner, we recommend a King size mattress rather than a Queen size. A Hong Kong / Asian Queen size is only 152cm wide, leaving only 76cm for each person. Not only is there not enough room to lie comfortably, but you may also be disturbed by your partner’s movements.
Queen Size Bed
King Size Bed
If you can’t find the size you want in stores, don’t forget that you can easily get your bed custom-made! Whether you need an extra long mattress for your height, or want to co-sleep with your kids, or simply have a large room that you’d like to fill, consider going for a high-quality customised mattress to meet your needs.
A version of this article first appeared on the European Bedding Singapore website.
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