Our Sponsored SHF Students

Helping dreams come true, one at a time!
A short glimpse in the lives of our sponsored students at SHF; all with a very bright future ahead of them.

2022 Sponsored: Meet Sepri!

Coming from a big family, Sepri picked up the skill of interacting with various different people and now applies it by happily engaging with his hotel guests from around the world! Along with playing football, he enjoys his time at SHF by visiting Sumba villages to learn about the local culture.

His passion to study English has led him to the opportunity of becoming a brilliant front-house receptionist! Sepri’s favourite part of being a receptionist is making sure his guests feel right at home in their lovely hotel. His dreams are anything but small - with the support of SHF, he is now able to take his determination and gain valuable experience towards his dream job at a 5-star hotel!

2022 Sponsored: Meet Asthy!

Hailing from Southwest Sumba, Asthy loves to play badminton on the soil of SHF during her leisure time. Along with her ambitions to visit London one day, she is known for her bubbly personality on campus - whether that is making friends with fellow classmates or channeling that positive energy through her clients in the Spa Department!

Her passion to learn the various techniques of massages and essential oils originated first from her philosophy that the spa heals the body and soul. Though sometimes encountering nervousness while practising her skills - she quickly reminds herself of her confidence and ability to become a talented masseuse while counting down the days till graduation!

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Here at Heveya®, our core values lie at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to set the benchmark for quality, transparency, and kindness; and strive to give back to the communities we cherish most. Not only do we apply these values into our products - but also our way of being. Together, with your support in our brand over the years - we continue to happily sponsor two hospitality students annually at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation.

As a team, we would like to invite our readers to get to know our successful past and present sponsorships in Indonesia - and how your patronage at Heveya® lent a hand in brightening their future indefinitely!

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