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Durable & Long Lasting


Highly Breathable

Durable & Long Lasting


Highly Breathable

Bed Sheets Heveya® Linen Bolster Case

Heveya® Linen Bolster Case

$288.00 $388.00
A protective cover with a ribbon tie closure on both ends to fit over your bolster pillow, nice & snug! Made from 100% ethically sourced and organically grown European flax - naturally hypoallergenic, breathable & cooling.
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Heveya® Latex Bolster
Receive constant cuddles and optimal lumbar support throughout the night!
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Main Features
  • Dimensions: 24cm (D) x 110cm (L)
  • 180 GSM Quality Linen
  • Derived from a renewable & sustainable plant source
  • Designed to last and soften with every wash
  • Wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry
  • Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
Materials & Certifications

Made of 100% pure European flax linen, a renewable & sustainable plant source. 

We have all our bed sheets certified by internationally recognized certification bodies. We also only work together with like-minded suppliers that fully comply with Heveya®’s norms to bring the most natural sleeping environment to our customers.

Wash Care
  • Machine wash at 40 °C
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron on low-temperature if needed

All the way from Europe, bringing you a little something to pass on to the next generation. Relive your luxury vacation everyday with the most premium quality!

Natural And Sustainable Material

Made only with 100% pure European flax linen, a renewable & sustainable plant source. Our Heveya® Linen sheets come from European Flax plantations that are naturally organic because no insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers were used to grow them. All parts of the plant are useful and can be fully utilised from fibres to flax seeds, leaving no waste behind. Biodegradable and made from 100% natural fibers - there is no better way to help our planet heal while having a comfortable night's rest.

Learn more about Linen sheets

180 GSM - Premium Quality Linen

Our Linen sheets are made entirely of European Flax with weight higher than the industry average! Linen is naturally the strongest and most long-lasting material in the market due to its ability to hold elasticity. The weight of the linen fabric is usually a great indicator of its quality, especially in terms of strength. A higher GSM offers you assurance that the linen you’re investing in is soft-to-touch yet incredibly durable. With proper maintenance, our Linen sheets are made to last for decades to come!


Did you know Heveya® makes the best reusable tote bags?

All your favourite Heveya® accessories are consciously packaged and shipped, using only 100% recyclable packaging materials. Help us cut down on waste by reusing and repurposing our packaging. Give your Heveya® packaging a second life! 

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives

Common questions

What is a linen bolster case?

Heveya® Linen Bolster Case is a durbale, moisture-wicking, and beautifully textured protective sheet to put your much-loved latex bolster in! Just like its charming linen fitted and duvet sheet bundle, Heveya® Linen Bolster Case keeps your bolster pillow hygienic as you may wash it weekly.

Is there any chance my bolster pillow will slip out of its Heveya® Linen Bolster Case?

Heveya® Linen Bolster Case comes with two seperate ties on each end of its casing. This ensures your bolster pillow remains as snug as can be throughout your slumber.

What is the size of the Heveya® Linen Bolster Case?

The Heveya® Linen Bolster Case fits our Heveya® Latex Bolster perfectly, which has the dimesions of: length 92 cm and diameter 22 cm.

Should I clean my bolster case more frequently than my bedsheets?

The Heveya® Bamboo Bolster Case can be cleaned at the same frequency as your bedsheet set - once a week. Simply give it a toss in the washing machine along your bed sheets every week and you're all set for the upcoming week!

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$288.00 $388.00
Heveya® Linen Bolster Case
$288.00 $388.00
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